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Rose Sullivan submitted the letter below to the Star-Ledger, and is very pleased to find it in this Sunday's issue (6/8/2003).  Last Sunday, Christine Whitman wrote a "shame on you" article concerning the lack of women in New Jersey government. While we may not all be in agreement with Whitman in the past, this was an excellent article.  Click here to read the Whitman Letter


Date:  Sun, 1 Jun 2003 10:38:18 EDT

To:  eletters@starledger.com

I applaud the article written by Christine Whitman citing the dismal state of women in New Jersey government.  When "our fore father's" fought to end taxation without representation, they obviously meant representation by the "old boy's club."  Both the Democrat and Republican party leaders in the state have turned their back on the embarrassing statistics showing a clear "shutout," when it comes to supporting female candidates. We cannot make change unless this core issue is addressed.  Let's give support only when we get it in return!

Rose Sullivan






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