The Middlesex County Chapter of the National Organization for Women meets the first Wednesday of each month at the East Brunswick Library. The meetings are open to the public. Please confirm the meeting by calling the library at 732-390-6950.






Wednesday, February 4th:  Chapter Meeting at 7:30 at East Brunswick Library (off Ryder’s Lane in Municipal Complex.  Short films on the upcoming March to Save Women’s Lives (see Below) and Packing the Courts: The Battle Over President Bush’s Judicial Appointments (see Below).


Wednesday, March 3rd:  Chapter Dinner Meeting at 6:30.  Everyday Gourmet Restaurant.  Rt 130 North in Lions Plaza Shopping Center, North Brunswick.  Contact me at for more information.


Sunday, March 28th:  Second annual event honoring Women Who Made a Difference.  1:00 PM at the Sheraton Hotel in Raritan Center, Edison. Save the date.  Click here for additional details


Wednesday, April 7th:  Chapter Meeting 7:30 at East Brunswick Library


Sunday, April 25th:  Washington, DC, March to Save Women’s Lives. 10:00 am meet at Lincoln Memorial; 11:00 am step off.  It is an election year and your participation can make a big difference.  (See bus information below)




Middlesex County Bus to Washington


The Chapter Board has deemed participation at the March so critical that we have priced the tickets to barely cover the expense.  The round trip ticket is $20.  Seats will be sold on a first come, first served basis, so send your checks payable to Middlesex County NOW to this address as soon as possible:


Middlesex County NOW

P.O.Box 1432

Highland Park, NJ 08904-1432

Include your name, and contact number.  Include your e-mail address if you have one.  I will contact you with a confirmation number.  That confirmation number will be your admission to the bus.  We are planning to leave the Route 18, East Brunswick Flea Market parking lot at 6:00 am.  The approximate return will be around 7:00 pm. Please take advantage of this low price and join us.  We need to show Washington that WE WILL NOT GO BACK on reproductive and other human rights issues. Contact us at


Click here for more New Jersey-specific March information.





Please e-mail it to:




HAVE YOU VISITED THE NOW-NJ Website?  The Webmanager, Middlesex Chapter’s own Alan Gross, has created a wonderful and informative site that is very user friendly.  It is updated with Chapter information.



NOW Outraged by Bush’s Underhanded Appointment of Pickering


“NOW is outraged by George W. Bush’s installation of Charles Pickering on the federal appeals court while Congress is in recess,” said NOW President Kim Gandy. “We’re no longer surprised by the underhandedness of this President –Bush apparently thinks that he can act unilaterally wherever and whenever he please.”


“NOW has vigorously opposed Pickering’s nomination to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals for more than two years, and the Senate Judiciary Committee rejected this foe of women’s rights once before.”


Click here for the complete text of NOW's press release.





Last November, I was visiting Australia.  On many occasions I was asked the question “where are you from?”  When I said New Jersey, the usual response was familiarity with the state because of The Sopranos.  Being perceived as a resident of “the mob capital” was very disheartening, especially being an Italian-American.


Things started to turn around this month with the news of the Domestic Partnership Legislation.  It even looked up further with the introduction of the proposed Paid Family Leave.  Just when you start to feel better, something happened to burst the bubble.


I travel a lot for business and airports have become my second home.  I always cruise the souvenir shops, looking for hats from local teams or the local edibles.  Last week I was at Newark Airport and could not believe my eyes.  New Jersey souvenirs now consist of a BADA-BING display.  For those of you without HBO, Bada Bing is a NJ strip club on The Sopranos. This is what foreigners and locals can pick up to remember New Jersey – the NJ Turnpike and now glorifying a place (even imaginary) where women are treated like meat.  Sometimes, it is hard to be proud!



NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault Needs Volunteers for an Event


The NJCASA is a non-profit organization that works toward the elimination of sexual violence against all people. They are holding a conference and Dinner on April 22/23 at Ocean Place Resort in Long Branch. They are looking to us to help volunteer. Please respond to NJCASA at 609-631-4450 or visit their website:








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