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To the editor:

March is National Women’s History Month. This is a great time to recognize and celebrate the women of the past who paved the way for women’s achievements today.

Alice Paul is honored this month by Middlesex County National Organization for Women. Born in Moorestown, New Jersey, in 1885, Alice Stokes Paul led a successful campaign to help women win the vote. She was a founder of the National Woman’s Party in 1916 and led parades, mass meetings, picketing and hunger strikes. Her efforts, leading thousands of others, resulted in the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1920. To learn more, go to or watch the DVD “Iron Jawed Angels.”

We salute Alice Paul as a great figure in women’s, New Jersey and American history.

Skip Drumm, President
Middlesex County National Organization for Women
PO Box 1432
Highland Park, New Jersey
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