Middlesex-Somerset NOW is a local New Jersey chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW).  Most Middlesex-Somerset chapter members live in Middlesex and Somerset Counties.  To learn more about NOW in general, check out National NOW's web site and/or National's frequently asked questions (FAQ).  If you would like to join Middlesex County NOW, you can do so online at National's web site: JOIN HERE.  Be sure to specify "Middlesex County NOW" in the drop-down chapter list.

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Middlesex-Somerset NOW generally meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.    The meetings are open to the public.  Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are Skip & Alan's house.  E-mail for directions. If you are not a regular attendee, please confirm date, time, and place by e-mail


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Middlesex-Somerset NOW News:


01/21/17 The Chapter at the Women's March in Trenton


06/26/16 Middlesex County NOW pictures from the National NOW Conference in DC, also celebrating NOW's 50th anniversary  Three chapter members attended.


04/23/14 Chapter participated in "Take Back the Night" at Douglass (Facebook pix)


01/22/13 Remembering Sarah Neivert: A

  woman who died before Roe v. Wade


10/02/12 The War on Women - Op-Ed


11/01/11 The Cradle Will Rock:  Memories:

   a snapshot of life before Roe v. Wade



Chapter News Archive


Middlesex-Somerset NOW has worked with RU Choice (a Rutgers campus organization) to document reproductive life before Roe v. Wade so younger women today can learn what it was like in that era.  Part of this project is to videotape women describing their experiences with birth control and abortion before 1973. The NEVER GO BACK project in its currently evolving form can be seen here.  If you would like to contribute your experiences, send us e-mail. Video taping can be done anonymously, or experiences can be related in written form.  The most recent video was added on March 24, 2013.


Recommended book:

Sisters in the


Working Women Organizing

for Equality in New York City

by Jane LaTour, award-winning

 journalist and long-time

NOW activist


Recommended book:

This Common


My Journey

as an Abortion Doctor

by Susan Wicklund

with Alan Kesselheim



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